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Studio Juxta
Ilse Meulendijks


Nul Zes
Gasfabriek 3A
5613 CP Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Ilse Meulendijks founded Studio Juxta in 2017. The studio independently performs research, initiates design projects and develops commissioned work. Based both in Greece and the Netherlands, Studio Juxta’s design practice shows just what the name implies: a balanced juxtapositioning of seemingly contrasting elements.

“Contrast doesn’t mean conflict; it’s my playground, it’s where I find awareness. So I combine a firm yet flexible research foundation with a more intuitive and tactile approach. My analytical way of working never loses sight of the subtle elements of perception and association. And I translate a solid knowledge of materials and techniques into results that feel instinctive and emphatic. It comes natural, I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way”.

Studio Juxta’s interests and expertise aren’t confined to a specific area of design (specialization). Current projects include; research into social and financial structures of craftsmen in Athens; Book for Sale which offers a new approach to bookmaking for artists and creatives; and the ways in which graphic design can not only create a brand identity for commercial purposes, but rather reflect the persons behind it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by sending me an e-mail at info@studiojuxta.com.

So, I graduated:

2012 / 2017 Design Academy Eindhoven . Man and Leisure

2010 / 2012 Koning Willem 1 College . Fashion and Design

And I learned a lot:

2017 Residency . Kostas Kostopoulos Printing House . Graphic Designer

2016 Internship . Ersi Krouska . Architecture & Design

2011 Internship . Jan Taminiau . Fashion Designer

I also won an award:

2012 Student of the Year . Koning Willem I College

And I was published:

2018 Printed Illustrations by Studio Juxta in Taxidia Magazine

2018 Illustrations by Studio Juxta

2017 Interview

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