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Coloured Framings

Exibited during Dutch Design Week 2019, Driving Dutch Design

The many misconceptions about refugees among Dutch citizens lead to negative imaging in society. How can design show and reflect the current societal tendencies to present the attitude of our hegemony. 

Coloured Framings is part of a long-term research into this pressing social matter. This wallpaper is a visual translation of a scientific study* by Noura Yacoubi into the image of the refugee in the Netherlands (and Flanders). They are to be considered a pilot: a starting point for further dialogue and reflection. By showing architypical images in a decorative pattern, Coloured Framing tries to visualise the ideological workings of mass media. 

* Thesis: Framing ideologies, MA Track online communication, major global communication, Department of Culture Studies, School of Humanities.



Working together with Noura Yacoubi has created a firm foundation to create from within this complex context. Text and image work complementary and have a lot of influence on tone, colour and framing. The way we perceive texts and images is changing though and news seems to become more sensational. Sensational writing creates a stage for an ideologic message. That is dangerous within the context of news media. News coveres the message of a group, not an individual, therefor the individual is quickly tainted with a unfitting label. Coloured Framing visualises these effects by using decorative tools that relate to our subjective opinions within a topic where it is important to get a most possible objective message across.